Jerry Kowalski MA

My name is Jerry Kowalski and I am a psychologist who has worked in southeast Michigan since 1990. I offer a patient/client centered approach. I believe it is important, when helping people, to develop a collaborative therapeutic relationship. An important task in psychotherapy is to develop necessary skills to bring about positive changes. My approach to psychotherapy is based on cognitive-behavioral techniques. Other approaches are also used to help one develop and integrate behavior change and to better cope with various problems.

I have worked with people who have a wide variety of problems. People who are seen for individual psychotherapy are individuals with depression, anxiety, ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, trauma, health problems and various other fears and worries. I also work with couples and families. 

I have had extensive training and have worked in various settings, both inpatient and outpatient. I have a background in developmental psychology and neuropsychology. I have been a consultant with the state of Michigan working for Maxey Boys Training Center and the Department of Corrections for over 10 years. While there, I was responsible for evaluating youth and adults in correctional facilities using psychological and neuropsychological methods. Collaborating with various psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educational and other health professionals proved to be invaluable. The knowledge gained while working in such an environment has allowed me to draw on enormous experiences, as well as giving me the ability to view various problems from different perspectives. 

I have an advanced degree from Wayne State University in the Educational and Clinical Psychology program and have completed coursework in the Ph.D. program as well as a clinical internship. In addition, I have completed a two year fellowship in neuropsychology.  I have obtained Master's degrees from both the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. 

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